COMET R3 Edge polisher

The COMET R3 edge polisher model is the perfect fusion of two machines, one for straight edges and one for toroidal profiles. It is currently the most performing and complete machine in our production. Ideal for those looking for an all-in-one solution for high quality and precision machining.

At the forefront of machinery technology for processing stone materials,

the COMET R3 stands out for its dual functions, developed to satisfy the most complex needs. Here are the features that make it unique in its kind:



Double Functionality in One Step

Two Independent Mandrel Groups: While one group is dedicated to the impeccable polishing of the straight edge, the second focuses on the precise execution of both the small radiuses (upper and lower) in a single pass (Pencil-round), and on the perfect execution of all toroidal profiles that can be made with our Comet model.

Advanced technology

A Vertical Calibrator is placed at the beginning of the bench to regulate the thickness of the slab being processed. Followed by two roughing tools, used to remove the edges of the material. At this point we find the oscillating head complete with a first diamond spindle, with the possibility of performing all the functions of a toroidal machine. Following we find the block of fixed spindles also equipped with swinging, for the perfect polishing of the straight edge and at the end the block of the bevels.

The bench widening bar on the front completes the composition making it possible to process very large pieces.

The machinery can be completed with some options, such as the drip disc.

Adaptability and Customization

Like all our machines, the COMET R3 is also equipped with a front bar to widen the support bench and be able to comfortably handle even very large slabs. The possibility of having a white bench and other options make it the most complete and productive machine in our current fleet.


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