MODULO 3 Edge polishers

The engineering behind the BELLANI machines represents a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. It is this commitment to excellence that makes us one of the leading companies in the industrial machinery sector.

MODULO 3 is our top model for polishing straight edges and bevels, suitable for companies that require the ability to carry out various processes on materials with thicknesses between 10 and 100 mm. Designed to offer maximum versatility, MODULO 3 can be adapted to any production need, being able to accommodate from 6 to 12 edge polishing spindles and up to 6 beveling spindles.



Polishing of Edges and Bevels:Provides a flawless finish on straight edges of different materials, ensuring superior quality. The bevels are precise from the beginning to the end of the piece. Regardless of the number of spindles housed, the machine is equipped with oscillation, which is especially essential for polishing larger thicknesses.

Milling of the Drip Tray and Blade Cutting:The machine precisely creates the drip tray, both pass-through and non-pass-through. The drip tray is programmable.

Calibration: The machine is supplied with the initial calibrator, so as to be able to adjust the thickness of the material being processed and make it constant from the beginning to the end of the piece. The bench widening bar on the front completes the composition making it possible to process very large pieces.

Capacity and thickness

MODULO 3 is designed to work on slabs or blocks with thicknesses ranging from 10 to 100 mm, making it extremely flexible for various types of projects.

Efficiency and Reliability

Equipped with latest generation technology, the MODULO 3 edge polisher not only offers excellent performance, but also ensures durability and reliability which translate into an excellent return on investment. Furthermore, given its dimensions it can be equipped with numerous options such as, for example, cleaning spindles, tilting disc for 45° cuts, bush-hammer, multi discs and more…


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