MICRON Edge polisher

Small but efficient

The Compact Solution for processing slabs or blocks from 10 to 40 mm thick.

The machinery that cannot be missing in laboratories to be able to shape and polish straight edges, shaped edges and bevels up to 4cm thick. The MICRON was conceived, designed and built to be inserted into smaller laboratories without giving up having a quality product. Simple, precise, with attention to the smallest details.



Polishing of straight and shaped edges

Bullnose, half bullnose, straight edges and bevels, MICRON is able to polish any type of edge with precision.

Bevels and Drains:

The machine can polish bevels and create drips with extreme precision even on very small minimum widths, a result that is difficult to obtain with other brands.


The machine is supplied with the initial calibrator, so as to be able to adjust the thickness of the material being processed and make it constant from the beginning to the end of the piece. This allows you to have a perfect radius in the creation of toroidal profiles. Front bench widening bar and input and output roller conveyors already integrated into the machine body complete it.

Material Optimization:

The MICRON was specifically designed to use very narrow pieces of material that, in other contexts, would be wasted.


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