5 axes interpolated Shaping Milling machine

A cnc working center that in a single space allows to carry out all the processes required to a small or medium-sized laboratory.

Blade 5ar is a 5-axis numerical control machining center for architectural and flat elements, capable of working on different materials such as natural stone, quartz, ceramic, glass and plastics. The machine offers the operator many options such as milling, carving and production of plans.
Blade 5ar is equipped with an electrospindle with a high torque able to use large discs for thick cuts. It can be equipped with a lathe attachment, infeed and outfeed tables, as well as a suction cup system for moving cut pieces: optimizing cutting means minimizing material waste and therefore not manually intervening during the cutting phases.
Thanks to the digital camera it is possible to memorize slabs of any material. By activating the VEIN function, design and cutting can be performed respecting the grain of the material of different slabs. The acquired image is able to automatically identify the contours of the slabs and therefore recognize the measures.
Blade 5ar can be built in many customizes configurations including double tables, moving tables, different sizes and tools.

Machining of the machine

1. Attacco utensile automatico

The ISO50 automatic tool attachment allows to perform processes such as drilling, letter engraving, sculptures, profiling with tools

2. PC control

PC Control 19” touch screen. The large screen size allows a detailed view of both the functions and the geometries of the pieces to be performed

3. Foto fast

The digital camera allows to balance colors, optimize brightness and contrast, remove shadows, identify areas that should not be considered

4. Suction cup system

SAMR is the suction cup system able to move the cut pieces or cut both on the work table and on the unloading rollers


Cutting geometries can be imported both in standard DXF and CVS format. We then move on to the positioning of the individual elements in the cutting plate. The Nesting function does this automatically. The support table, with belt, by rotating means that all cutting combinations are possible.


Con il tastatore di planarità (PLANPROBE/TOUCH2D) si memorizza automaticamente lo spessore della lastra. Questa funzione permette un taglio preciso, in particolar modo per i tagli a 45°. With the plan probe (PLANPROBE / TOUCH2D) the thickness of the slab is automatically memorized. This function allows a precise cut, especially for 45° cuts.


The tool probe (RADIUSPROBE/PRESETTING) ensures that the operator of the plant simply sets the measurements of the disc or of the profile tool in the tool table, while the technology of the machine autonomously checks, checks and updates the real data, particularly useful in case of wear of the disk.

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