We have thousands of pre-engineered overhead cranes, all of which can be fully customized to meet the needs of your specific application. Our certified engineers enjoy the challenge of creating custom systems for unique applications. All Spanco cranes come with the best warranties in the industry.
Spanco Gantry Cranes come in hundreds of versatile models:

Portable Gantries: Reach all corners of your plant. Lift and move materials, or use for pulling motors, equipment, and other heavy machinery. Quick disassembly for transport by service truck. Series T, A, E, and Aluminum are our portable gantry series.

Adjustable Gantries: Adjust height, span, and tread (T-Series) for use on uneven floors, through doorways, aisles, and under mezzanines or other overhead obstacles. Excellent gantries for warehouses and welding shops. Series T, A, E, and Aluminum are our adjustable gantries.

Track-Mounted Gantries: Manual or motorized travel over a fixed route make our track-mounted gantries a great choice.

Relocatable Gantries: Virtually all Spanco Gantries are relocatable, making them ideal for rented facilities or future workflow changes.


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A gantry crane lift has a beam supported by two legs equipped with swivel casters to work a specific area. This equipment lifts heavy materials and can be moved with mechanical or manual power while under load.
Spanco has a wide selection of large and small gantry cranes for sale to improve material handling processes and production at your business. We have multiple configurations, so you can select the gantry crane best for your application or structure.

Moving and lifting heavy materials doesn’t have to involve installing expensive equipment or permanently changing your facility.

  • Heavy-duty gantry cranes are assembled and disassembled quickly and easily, making them ideal for use in a rented facility or in multiple work areas.
  • Spanco Gantry Cranes are easy to install and relocate.
  • If needed, V-tracks and guide angles simply lag bolt to existing floor.

Spanco Gantry Cranes are unsurpassed in design, strength, durability, and quality construction:

  • Precision tolerances and welding ensure component alignment and operational stability.
  • We use standardized quality American I-beams and wide flange beams.
  • All nuts, bolts, and pins are plated for corrosion resistance, and all gantries are painted Spanco Yellow Industrial Enamel.
  • Outdoor use options are available, including exterior coatings and stainless steel motors.

Handle Materials and Production Workstations with Adjustable Gantry Lift Cranes

Custom gantry cranes can be used below existing overhead bridge crane systems or for outdoor applications. Industries include:

  • Construction sites
  • Steel mills
  • Rail yards
  • Scrap yards
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • HVAC
  • Shipyards
The overhead gantry crane systems by Spanco have a premium design to ensure quality construction, strength, and durability. Precision welding tolerances keep the components aligned and the gantry stable during operation. Unlike many other large and small gantry cranes, our cranes can be moved under load.

Other advantages of our gantry cranes for sale include:

  • Increased worker productivity: Gantry cranes lift heavy materials easily, eliminating the need for manual labor. Workers can accomplish more with a gantry system.
  • Simplified workflow: All factory gantry cranes by Spanco can be relocated, so you can relocate the equipment with changes in your workflow or facility.
  • Flexible modular design: Gantry cranes have a modular design that doesn’t require existing support structures, so you do not need to install permanent runway beams or support columns in your facility.

Motorized Gantry Crane Options

Motorized Trolley

Motorized trolleys are compatible with Spanco Gantry Cranes. If using a motorized trolley, Spanco recommends using our PF or T-Series Gantry Crane systems.

Motorized Travel

Spanco offers three types of push-button pendant control motorized travel for our Single Leg, Wide Flange, and PF-Series gantry crane models: V-groove track, guide angle, and truly trackless travel.

V-Groove Track Travel

Using V-groove track on both sides of the system and v-groove casters, the gantry can be motorized to travel a straight, fixed path.

Guide Angle Travel

Depending on the application requirements, guide angle can also be mounted on just one side of the system, and the other side of the system uses the casters only. Larger capacities use a guide channel instead of guide angle. This motorization option also supplies forward and backward motions only for fixed, straight travel.

Trackless Travel

Depending on your application requirements, trackless travel can be aligning or steerable. Aligning trackless travel provides forward and backward motions only along a fixed, straight path. Steerable trackless travel does allow the gantry system to turn. However, steerable trackless travel has a large turning radius and requires ample room in your facility.

Advantages of motorized gantry crane systems include:

  • Ergonomic features to protect workers
  • Improved productivity by easily moving heavy loads
  • Easily transportable to adjust to your workflow and facility layout

Portable and Custom Gantry Crane Options for Sale

With a portable gantry, you can work anywhere in your facility. You can easily relocate portable gantry cranes to move and lift heavy materials in an outdoor setting or within a manufacturing type of facility. Portable gantry cranes can be used for plant maintenance and service vehicle applications that require equipment and machinery to be relocated and replaced.

Our portable gantry crane systems include:

  • A-Series: A-Series is a portable gantry with fixed height and adjustable height models available. This series is available in steel or in all aluminum.
  • E-Series: E-Series is a durable and dependable portable gantry crane. It comes in two options—a fixed-height crane with a capacity up to 5 tons and an adjustable height crane with a capacity up to 3 tons. The adjustable height model can be moved in 6-inch increments.
  • T-Series: T-Series is adjustable in span, height, and tread for fitting under overhead obstacles, fitting through doorways and aisles, and navigating to other facility floors. The optional cart kit makes the three-way adjustable T-Series even more transportable. The cart kit attaches to the caster frames to become a portable handcart. It is available in all steel or aluminum I-beam options.
  • PF-Series: PF-Series has higher capacity, higher heights, and longer spans available compared to our other gantry cranes. Available in both single leg and traditional two-leg designs, our PF-Series gantry crane systems can be equipped to provide motorized travel.

A-Series All-Aluminum Models

Spanco A-Series All-Aluminum models are lightweight and portable material handling solutions. They have:

  • Adjustable span kits for DIY adjustments
  • Alternative caster styles and wheel brakes, including pneumatic tires
  • Optional height adjustment winch hoist kits to change the beam height

Versatile Options to Meet Any Need

Spanco has hundreds of pre-engineered overhead gantry lift cranes available for sale. All of our gantry cranes can be fully customized to your application’s requirements. Our engineering team will create a custom gantry crane for you that has everything you need for effective material handling within your facility. Shop for gantry cranes and let us know if you need a custom option!
In addition to our customizable options, Spanco gantry crane systems all come with the best warranties in the industry. Our manual systems and equipment have a 10-year warranty, and our motorized systems, equipment, paint, and finishes for non-aluminum components have a two-year warranty.

We want our products to be reliable and will make sure there are no defects in the material and craftsmanship. This dedication is why we use:

  • Nuts, bolts, and pins plated for corrosion resistance
  • High-quality, long-lasting, casters
  • Standardized, high-quality beams
  • Precision welding and tolerances to ensure the components are aligned and the gantry is stable

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If you need an overhead gantry crane system, come to Spanco. We have more than four decades of experience with providing high-quality, cost-effective material handling equipment. Our overhead systems help move and secure materials and machines for various industries. We will work with you to customize a factory gantry that meets your needs.

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