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All the automatic equipment with H-frame machines covers the category PXA. It is possible to have in lines PXA machines very large up to 3 meters, for automatic splitting of granite palisades, or lines with one or more H-frame machines connected with conveyors in 90° direction to each other, which work automatically for production of several size pieces, like curbs, cobblestones, paving stones. The application and the finish product from PXA equipment can be therefore variable depending on the production requirements of each customer in a base of throughput level and even on the available investment.

Closed frame machine could also be equipped with 4 blades: in addition to the classic upper and lower blades, the sides ones also work. This design incorporates a hydraulic system which delivers simultaneous power to all 4 blades. The side blades are effective in minimizing the concave/convex splitting which sometimes occurs with taller stone pieces. The P4 series has been designed with certain stone types in mind, such as sandstones, travertine and limestone or stratified stones like gneiss or serizzo.
In the hot market for veneer that we are experiencing, P4 machines have become particularly popular as it is possible to obtain split stone face with minimal split thickness. Depending on the kind of material, it is possible to equip P4 machines with fixed blades or adjustable teeth.
According to the kind of material, block’s dimensions and desired throughput, Mec develops the most ideal solution with adequate feeding system and automatic control system.


  • dimensions;
  • powers;
  • material transportation systems.

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