CONTOUR PLUS – Diamond Wire Profiling Machine

The diamond wire-profiling machine CONTOUR PLUS represents the new generation of high technology machines and it has been designed to achieve high performances combined with a remarkable ease of use. The machine can process any kind of shapes among the obtainable ones using the available axis. Columns, logos, various tomb stones, cylindrical shapes and, in the 6 axis version, also conical ones can be produced. The powerful functions of the numerical control are managed through a user interface very simple and intuitive. The choice of the inverter for the wire cutting speed management allows to process both marble, stones and granite. Maximum reduction of the wear parts, absence of vibrations, complete self-adjustment during all cutting phases allow CONTOUR PLUS to execute any kind of shape with perfectly smooth surfaces.


The strong electrically welded steel frame has been designed to ensure very high rigidity and precision during all the cutting phases. It is made up of two vertical columns linked together by a steady connecting beam and two aluminium flywheels (Ø1550 mm).
The vertical slide of the flywheel holder groups is done by four suitably sized prismatic wheels which slide on guides. To avoid vibrations and ensure the maximum cutting precision, the prismatic wheels are made of steel with high resistance and low coefficient of wear. The flywheel holder groups can slide both coupled, when the machine works with two interpolated axis to process cylindrical shapes only, or in an independent way when it works with the four interpolated axis during the execution of conical shapes.
The diamond wire rotation is driven by an asynchronous motor (15 kW ) which transmits the motion to the main flywheel by means of a reduction unit with V-belts. The rise/descent movement of the two flywheel holders and the movement of the block-carrying trolley is operated by recirculating ball screws driven by brushless motors. Thanks to their drives it is possible to adjust the working feed according to the diamond wire bow, granting in this way the perfect execution of the profile.
The operator panel includes a color screen, a resistive LCD touch screen which allows to check the exact position of the wire during the cutting phases and to monitor in real time the machine functioning, an alphanumeric keyboard, an integrated mouse, multiple USB connections and an Ethernet port to transfer the “profile” previously created by AutoCad or by our special software. After loading the working program, the machine works fully automatically.
The special software of the stretching system ensures, in the blocks squaring and slabs and thicknesses cut, very high performances of the diamond wire, increasing the efficiency with a consequent reduction of cutting costs.
The control board is waterproof and is equipped with an automatic air-conditioning system (cooling/heating) which allows to avoid any possible damage to CNC and to the other components of the machine due to outside temperatures too low or too high. In case of problems or any inconvenience, the equipment stops automatically. After any safety stop it is possible to re-start the work from the point where it stopped thanks to an automatic function of restoring of the interrupted session.
The lubrication is completely automatic, after programming the lubrication time and the cycle frequency.

Total installed power :  30 kW
▪ Main motor power :  22 kW
▪ Useful cutting width: 4000 mm
▪ Useful cutting height standard 2150 mm – (max 2500 mm)
▪ Block trolley capacity: 40 ton
▪ Diamond wire variable rim speed:  (upto  40 m/sec)
▪ Downfeed motor: Brushless

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