SUPERMODULO Edge polisher

High Performance for Large Businesses

The SUPERMODULO edge polisher is the largest of our edge polishers, designed to meet the needs of large companies that require solutions for the continuous and large-scale processing of marble, granite and similar materials, with particular attention to funerary art and high workable thicknesses.

Equipped with a latest generation PLC unit, this multifunctional machine is capable of carrying out a wide range of processes:

  • Polishing of straight and shaped edges
  • Execution and polishing of chamfers
  • Lower or upper calibration of the lapel
  • Cleaning of the polished calibrated surface
  • Precision cutting with blade to directly obtain pieces to size.
  • And even more

Versatility and Customization

One of the most notable aspects of the SUPERMODULO edge polisher is its versatility. The machine is suitable for processing slabs or blocks with a maximum thickness of 10 cm. Furthermore, to meet the specific needs of customers, the machine can be equipped with a series of advanced options, such as the horizontal disk, the bushhammer, the programmable non-passing disk, the tilting disk and many others.

High Efficiency and Quality

Thanks to the advanced technology and high-quality materials used in its production, the SUPERMODULO edge polisher not only guarantees impeccable results, but also offers exceptional longevity and reliability, key elements in the industrial world.