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Heavy-duty frame with hydraulically adjusted teeth. PH machines ensure an excellent quality of splitting, especially on material with reduced thickness.
Similar to PX splitters, PH machines may be installed directly in the quarry for processing of wide blocks with natural quarry layer for production of stairs or curbs.
The splitting blades are designed with a system of hydraulically adjustable teeth, the splitting power is constant on each tooth, so it allows the most even distribution of splitting power across the stone. Split quality on this machine is superior.
The PH machines are equipped with working tables and free rollers on them in the entry and exit points. This allows bringing the material directly under the splitting blades of the machine with ease and with much less physical effort of the operator.


Splitting width 1200 mm x Splitting height 500 mm with 300 tons of power;;


Splitting width 1600 mm x Splitting height 500 mm with 300 tons of power;;


Splitting width 2400 mm x Splitting height 500 mm with 450 tons of power;;


Splitting width 2800 mm x Splitting height 500 mm con 600 tons of power.

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