COMET Edge polisher

Innovation Meets Versatility

The Complete Solution for the Processing of Marble, Granite and Similar Materials

A machine designed to optimize and satisfy the most complex needs. The COMET is your ideal partner for a wide range of processes on marble, granite and similar materials. Equipped with a latest generation PLC, simple and intuitive to use, this machine is designed to offer an unprecedented level of precision and versatility.

Polishing of Straight and Shaped Edges: Whether it is bullnose, half bullnose, owl’s beak or other profiles, COMET is able to polish every type of edge profile with precision and speed.

Calibration: In addition to polishing, the COMET is also equipped with a calibrator to adjust the thickness of the piece being processed and obtain perfect radiuses.

Bevels and Drain: The machine can polish the bevels and create the drip with extreme precision.

Special Profiles: For more complex processes, the machine can also be fitted with shaped diamond grinding wheels.

The bench widening bar on the front completes the composition making it possible to process very large pieces.

Versatility for every need

The COMET is designed to work on slabs or blocks with a maximum thickness of 6 cm. To meet the specific needs of the most demanding customers, the machine can be equipped with a series of advanced options, such as the horizontal disc, the programmable non-passing disc, the tilting disc, automatic lubrication, lapel cleaners, bushhammer and many others.