Shaping, polishing, turning milling, contouring machine

A high productivity cutting production line

Numerical control cutting machine (single or double) for high production, automatic loading and unloading. In order to optimize a very high productivity machine in a small space, Omag has designed AREAMULTICUT. This numerical control machining center has been designed in such a way as to be able to contain the three main processing phases in a short time In the DUAL version, in a work shift of about 8 hours it is possible to reach a production of about 500 m 2.
Cutting geometries can be imported either in standard DXF format or in CVS format (simple spreadsheet). Once the cutting geometries have been defined, you move on to the choice of positioning the individual elements in the cutting plate, the NESTING function performs this operation automatically, the user can still customize the cut respecting any grain of the material. Optimizing the cut means minimizing material waste and therefore not intervening manually during the cutting phases. The AREAMULTICUT_DUAL version automatically identifies all the cutting lines that can be carried out simultaneously by both heads. The support table (belt) by rotating ensures that all cutting combinations are possible. The software allows in a simple and intuitive way to relaunch the machined pieces that present anomalies.
All this is possible as the loading phase is carried out with a suction cup loading table, the processing can be carried out in the DUAL version with double head while in the SINGLE version with one head and finally the unloading which can be automated with a robotic system. The unloading of the cut pieces, after being washed and dried, can be done manually or by using an unloading ROBOT.

Machining of the machine

1. Robot

2. Rotating table

3. Radius probe

The tool probe (RADIUSPROBE/PRESETTING) ensures that the operator of the plant simply sets the measurements of the disc or of the profile tool in the tool table, while the technology of the machine autonomously checks, checks and updates the real data, particularly useful in case of wear of the disk

1. Foto fast

PHOTO FAST is a function for digital photographic storage of slabs of any material, using a digital camera. It is therefore possible to balance colors, optimize brightness and contrast, remove shadows, identify areas that should not be considered during processing. With the activation of the VEIN function, the design and consequently the cut can be performed respecting the grain of the material of different slabs. The acquired image is able to automatically identify the contours of the slab and therefore recognize the measures.

2. Planprobe

With the plan probe (PLANPROBE / TOUCH2D)the thickness of the slab is automatically memorized. This function allows a precise cut, especially for 45° cuts.

3. Sistema a ventosa

In both versions, a suction cup plate displacement system allows the optimization of the cuts, in fact, in cases where the cutting lines overlap, the suction cup automatically moves the slab or part of it in order to minimize material waste.

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